Damien Harrison

100% Awesome

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About Damien

Since 2003, when Damien exited the world of full time education, he has been making big differences in the use of IT for many different business sectors, and improving the working environment for many.

Damien was born 11/10/1980 and has constantly strived to be ‘awesome’; a feat he has achieved on the customer services side at all times attempting to change the perception of how all IT people are unable to communicate with non-computers. Damien grew up watching He-Man, The A-Team; as it was known then WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and continues to do so now; enamored by the good vs evil battles and how good was always victorious, this is how Damien has continued to live his life.

Damien has been involved in a multitude of IT and non-IT projects both from a technical viewpoint and an end user role.