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Week #7 Love

Once again I am running a little behind with my posts, Week#7 came and went, the theme was love.

I have tried a number of times to convince my wife to pose for some photographs and always get told no chance, sadly.

This week’s challenge proved to be hard work, looking for inspiration in any available form.  Whilst almost giving up all hope and taking yet another selfie, an image truly depicting love appeared.

I was home alone one weekend with Isaac and Finley my two awesome little cool doods who decided to have an afternoon nap at the same time and an image of love was ready to be captured.

This is not the greatest photo ever to be taken, but I feel it is one of the biggest images depicting true love.

Isaac and Finley asleep and cuddling.

Week #6 – shadows

I know I only posted last night but I am running a little behind.  Last week I had a lovely week off of work relaxing and spending time with my amazing family. 

The challenge of the week was shadows and my mind instantly went to cinema again.

Light and shadow make the photograph, changes in how the shadows fall completely change the feeling of the capture, altering the reality of the moment.

Anyway here is my photo, once again a selfie.


Week #5 – Warmth

The challenge this week was the subject of warmth. We are currently experiencing a little bit of a cold spell, although not as bad as elsewhere. Here in the UK a little bit of snow and ice causes carnage on the roads, often resulting in delays.

I recall reading an article a while back about photography by candlelight and thought that this may produce the desired look.

Warmth by  candlelight

The article I followed advice from is from Tutsplus, where I seem to spend a lot of my time reading.

Week #4 – Dream

Week number 4 and the theme was Dream.

I really struggled with this week, both looking for an idea and then executing one.  My photograph doesn’t, I feel anyway, fully fit the theme.  I fixed this by calling it ‘Dreaming at the speed of light.’

The photo is of the Redcar Beacon (Helter Skelter) at night.

When I uploaded the photo to Facebook, Facebook made a real mess of the top left hand corner.  It looks a lot nicer on here.

Monthly challenge #1 – the most finite resource.

As a part of the 52 week challenge we are also doing a monthly competition challenge. My photography this year is going to get a battering.

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